Our Digital Space Connecting Youth To The Web 3 Ecosystem. Co-created from the  imaginations of Ethosians.

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The Lore of Atlanthos

Atlanthos is a high tech, underwater, and once self-sufficient city that has been ripped from its original plane into a new world. Many others are torn from their homes. Atlanthos’ Ethọ́sians are a group of empathetic inventors with exceptional skill sets that are the driving force behind this thriving community. Day to day life involves undertaking diplomatic meetings with ancient entities and experimenting with new technology in Ethọ́s Lab. Living through this shared experience, Ethọ́sians take the first and important humanitarian step by openly sharing its technology and city, making it a home for any diaspora who need one.

Our Ethọ́s

The world is changing faster than ever, we need young, diverse voices co-creating innovative solutions and leading change to build towards a future that reflects us all.

Co-created by young people, Ethọ́s Lab is a space where culture, community, technology, and innovation all meet. 

Ethọ́s Lab is a creative S.T.E.A.M-focused innovation academy for youth (ages 12–18). With exciting curated in-person and virtual culture-based learning experiences, production space, and an engaging community, Ethọ́s Lab is an accessible tech-infused environment, where members develop real-world problem-solving, engineering, and science skills while exploring the fullest creative expressions of their authentic selves. 

An Immersive Virtual Ecosystem

With Endless Possibilities

Sushi Island

A tropical retreat surrounded by giant sushi rolls and nigiri, a hidden arcade room and plenty of secrets to discover? Perfect for live concerts, socials, sun bathing, and hang outs.

Emancipation Gallery

As we build digital futures through our own lens, experiences, background, and cultures, we honour notable Black history sites in Western Canada such as, Hogan’s Alley, Amber Valley and Salt Spring Island through an interactive experience. Fun Fact: The Emancipation Room was partially created by Ethosians for Canada’s inaugural Emancipation Day, Aug 1, 2021.

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Our home base metaerse where we connect, play, learn, build, and collaborate.  Atlanthos continues to be developed. We’ve hosted conferences, work sessions, live performances, and collaborative projects inside Atlanthos. We’re excited to continue to build out secure, safe, and inviting places for youth to connect with Web3 technology and build skills to build  into their future. 

Atlanthos Culture & Code

1. Proceed with curiosity.

4. Words matter, use them with care. 

2. Be kind.

5. Bullying is not tolerated.

3. Behind every Avatar is a Person.

6. Admins & adults are here to help.

7. By entering into Atlanthos you have read and agreed to the Atlanthos Code & Culture.

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We work with different organizations, leading experts, and top brands to deliver innovative, fun, and creative digital programs in Atlanthos. If you are an expert, professional, or organization with programming or activation ideas for Atlanthos or have questions about how you can use Atlanthos for your community we’d love to hear from you. 

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Built in partnership with BC Black History Awareness Society and Unity Centre Association for Black Cultures.