Ethos Lab Programs

Youth involved with Ethos Lab programs are empowered with core skills and self belief to pursue post secondary education and career paths that are innovative and emerge as leaders in our societies.

Choose to register them in our 8-10 week immersive, fun, and trajectory changing programs (we call them studios) so they can begin their journey in science, technology, engineering, applied arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) in a safe and supportive environment.


Life Sciences Studio

Where nature meets entrepreneurship!

Our exciting weekly program takes youth in grades 8 – 12 on a journey to FIRST learn about nature, living organisms, sustainability and THEN channel their learning into creating their own nature inspired inventions and become mini entrepreneurs. 

Participants will explore our natural world, experiment with sustainable technologies such as Solar Farms, and engage in conversations around eco friendliness, biodiversity, waste, capitalism, campaigning and business.

Could nature be the ultimate source for innovation?? In OUR program, youth will find out exactly that. The main goal with our program is to nurture participants’ wonder and curiosity about the natural world and help them harness it into their own creation which they will have the chance to SHOWCASE at a Saturday market at the end of the 8 weeks


Grades: 8 – 12 

Dates: April 18th – June 6th

Day & Time: Thursday, 5pm-7pm

Location: Ethos Lab, 177 E 3rd Ave


May 4th , May 25th Field Trips

June 8th Community Market (10am-2pm)

Cost: $500 (scholarships are available please email

Facilitator: Dr. Love-Ese Chile

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What They'll Learn

  • Identify diverse plant and animal species’ features
  • See the interconnectedness of living organisms 
  • Understand sustainability issues and eco friendly solutions
  • Use emerging environmental technologies
  • Create earth conscious products 
  • Become a mini entrepreneur
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Game Studio

Where storytelling meets gaming!

Our iconic weekly program will empower youth in grades 8 – 12 to use their imagination to create their own unique story complete with characters and challenges, and then build it into a video game using the Unity engine.

Unity is a 2D, 3D, VR, and AR development platform that is used by gaming studios to create MANY of the best known games on the market such as Pokemon Go, Marvel Snap, and Subway Snap. And youth will have the chance to start at the beginning, learn the fundamentals, and create something amazing during our program!

Video games are actually filled with creativity, design, art, story, challenge, and skill building. In our program, youth will get to shift from consumers (playing video games) to creators (making video games) and build a whole new relationship and understanding of this industry. Participants will be led through a complete process of brainstorming, prototyping, and iterating until they have their own game to show for it by the end. 


Grades: 8 – 12 

Dates: April 15th – June 17th ***Skip Victoria Day

Day & Time: Mondays, 5pm-7pm 

Location: Ethos Lab, 177 E 3rd Ave

Extras: Demo Day Friday June 21st (6:00pm – 8:30pm)

Cost: $500 (scholarships are available please email

Facilitators: Koda Villela, Glen Hamilton

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What They'll Learn

  • Understand what makes for an engaging game
  • Create storylines, characters, challenges etc…
  • Use emerging game design technology
  • Learn valuable dev and coding skills
  • Pitch products with confidence and persuasion 
  • Build products that are innovative and inclusive
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Blackathon Studio

Where Black innovation meets hacking

Our exciting weekly program was inspired by our annual full day BLACKATHON at Microsoft. Youth in grades 5 – 7 will get the chance to learn about a Black inventor and then go deep in creating, hacking, prototyping, and reiterating their own unique invention that solves an interesting problem.

They will be tasked with creating something that is both entertaining and teaches a skill then be offered a mix of old school supplies like cassette tapes and floppy discs and new technology like 3D pens and printers. With mentorships, teams, guidance they will get to create their own projects.

Our program is designed to increase critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, design, and presentation skills. They will also learn the fundamentals of debate and pitching to best showcase their creations. Participants will be led through a complete process of brainstorming, prototyping, and iterating until they have their own invention to show for it by the end.


Grades: 5 – 7

Dates: April 13th – June 8th

Day & Time: Saturdays, 10am-12pm

Location: Ethos Lab, 177 E 3rd Ave


Field Trip Date TBD!

Pitch Day Saturday June 8th (10:00am – 2:00pm)

Cost: $350 (scholarships available please email

Facilitators: Charlie Wu, Peter-John Muhigi

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What They'll Learn

  • Create, design, and iterate prototypes 
  • Stretch creativity and imagination
  • Pitch products with confidence and persuasion
  • Understand the history of Black inventions 
  • Solve problems and build innovative solutions 
  • Work in teams effectively and cohesively
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What experience level is needed for my youth to register them?

Ethos Lab provides foundational knowledge and experiences in STEAM. So everyone at all levels is welcome! Our faculty is trained to meet them where they are and support them along the way.

My youth is not Black…can I still register them?

YES! Ethos Lab for everyone, by us – meaning we are Black led organization but we are open to all youth. We intentionally fuse Black culture into science, technology, engineering, applied arts, and math (S.T.E.A.M) programming to encourage inclusion, acceptance, and representation.

I can't afford this…are they any options?

YES! We have a lot of scholarships available for youth who want to attend our programs and camps. Please email us at with which camp you are interested in registering your youth for and we will get back to you. 

My youth is going into grade 8 in Fall 2024, should I put them into 5-7 offers or 8- 12 offers?

In the Summer, the way we structure our camps is based on the grade they just finished. So if they just completed grade 7 they would still fall within the grade 5-7 category. If you were really hoping to register them for one of the grade 8 – 12 camps please email us at