We see an immersive-technology future that reflects everyone.

Ethọ́s Lab in partnership with Centre for Digital Media (CDM) is a proud recipient of the Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant! Keep scrolling to learn what this means for our community.

Black Youth and Girls in XR Innovation Initiative

Ethọ́s Lab and CDM see an immersive-technology future that reflects everyone. This starts with developing the skills and designing opportunities for underrepresented youth.

With the support of the Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant, Ethọ́s Lab and CDM aim to take a collective step to increase the representation of Black youth and girls in XR-based digital futures through the development of an XR Media Lab program. The funding will enable us to catalyze a program which will serve 300+ underrepresented youth and 190+ high school educators over the next five years.

About The Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant

The Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant is made possible by Unity Social Impact and Meta Immersive Learning partnership. The Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant will provide over $1 million in awards to higher-education institutions leveraging real-time 3D and immersive technology to make advances in teaching and learning, XR creation, and workforce development.

Grantees were selected based on their proposals’ attention to inclusion, impact, viability, and innovation. Special consideration was given to institutions and programs that cater to or design innovative educational content for underserved learners.</span>

Made Possible By

What is XR Media?

eXtended Reality (‘XR’) is an umbrella term to refer to a family of technologies also known as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). These immersive technologies are transforming the way we work, socialize, play, and learn.

According to Unity’s Blog AR jobs are projected to grow 172% and VR jobs are projected to grow 170% globally in the next 10 years. Despite recognizing the need to develop the next generation of creators and workforce, many schools especially those serving underrepresented and low-income communities, still experience barriers to accessing XR, with cost and readiness being the primary factors.

The need for XR accessibility, availability, and opportunities for Black youth and young girls has never been more important.

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