Dr. Love-Ese Chile

Life Sciences Studio/Lab

Dr. Love-Ese Chile is the Managing Owner of the circular economy research consulting firm Regenerative Waste Labs. Recently named a 2024 Clean50 Emerging Leader, Love-Ese leads a team at the intersection of bioproducts, circular economy policy and organic waste recovery. She engages in projects to implement initiatives that will positively impact our environment and communities. Dr. Chile grew up as a black person in an adopted culture, hearing stories of a worldview unlike that of her ancestors. She studied chemistry and learned about science and technology through a cultural lens that divides, truncates, and categorizes. Now at Ethos Lab Dr. Chile is excited to centre black perspectives and create educational experiences that nurture scientific curiosity and creativity in meaningful and culturally relevant ways.

Edward Madojemu

Atlanthos Lab

Edward Madojemu is an independent animator specializing in VR and game development. Born with a passion for leveraging technology to empower artists, Edward has dedicated his career to researching and developing innovative ways to independently create digital media. His journey began at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, where he earned a BMA in 2D & Experimental Animation. Edward’s professional trajectory is marked by a series of notable roles, as Art Director at Hammer & Tong Productions, Edward led and contributed to various animated projects, including Echoes of Chinatown: A Walk with Goong Goong. Edward also brought his artistic flair to Sony Pictures Imageworks as an FX Inklines Artist, contributing to the visual marvel of “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse.” At Ethos Lab, he hopes to make creative technologies and practices not only accessible to youth, but also digestible, so they can be empowered to create as they grow!

Koda Villela

Game Design Studio

Growing up in Brazil, Koda came to Canada to pursue their passion for game development. A graduate of Vancouver Film School and British Columbia Institute of Technology, they have experience making projects using different software. With their knowledge and background, Koda can provide insight into game design, coding, and technologies used in the industry. At Ethọ́s Lab, Koda aims to increase diversity in the games industry by showing youth how to bring their ideas to life and building an environment that welcomes everyone.


Charlie Wu

Blackathon Studio

Charlie developed a passion for facilitating and developing inquiry-based programs through his personal experiences as queer student and as an educator in alternative education programs. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of British Columbia and will graduate from Simon Fraser University with a Master’s in Theoretical Psychology in the coming year. He is trained in developing and implementing curriculum through the lens of executive functioning. Through Ethos Lab, he hopes to curate experiences that allow youth to explore a future in STEAM. In his spare time, Charlie loves long backcountry hikes, biking, and rock climbing. He loves philosophy, science fiction, and DnD.  

Jazz Adewale Groden-Gilchrist

Atlanthos Lab

Jazz Adewale Groden-Gilchrist is a Canadian comic artist with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Growing up as an adopted kid and the only Black person in his family, identity was more of a struggle for him than he realized, but he found he was able to express this through the safe distance of storytelling. He enjoys creating diverse fantasy settings that explore identity, complex familial relations, and responsibility. His other passions include D&D, Ultimate Frisbee (briefly a professional athlete), and engineering casual conversations to be verbal Rube Golbergs that culminate in bland puns. Jazz is a part of Ethos Lab because it is everything he wishes he had growing up. He wants to help youth, and especially marginalized youth, feel comfortable and confident enough to tell the stories they want to tell.

Peter-John Muhigi

Blackathon Studio

Peter-John Muhigi is a Congolese-Canadian 2nd year Arts student at the University of British Columbia. PJ and his family of 8 grew up on the Atlantic Coast of Canada in Moncton, New Brunswick. That is where he learned to fall in love with sports and be recognized as a leader in his community. From his early days of student government to transitioning into a student-athlete, he always valued the impact and importance of leadership and community. In his downtime he is passionate about music and fashion. PJ is honored to be involved with Ethos lab, the community has embraced him since his arrival and have given him a sense of home away from home. He constantly looks forward to working with such brilliant youth. The Ethosians inspire him daily as they continue to control the destiny of the next generation!

Meehae Song

Virtual Reality Lab

Meehae Song explores the intersections between the human body and the technology space using biofeedback technology. She has over 20 years of XR media design and delivery, teaching and mentoring experience for diverse audiences. Her current PhD research is in the fields of AI portraits, aesthetic emotion space and XR applications. She teaches at Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Circuit Stream and EthosLab/Centre for Digital Media. As a Unity Certified Instructor/Unity Professional Artist, she runs workshops for corporate clients through Unity. At Ethos Lab, she runs our Virtual Reality Labs  in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Media. She has been working with Unity for 10 years now and loves designing course content and teaching Ethos Lab youth Unity!

Glen Hamilton

Game Design Studio

Glen Hamilton is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in the video game industry. He has worked in some incredible roles such as tester, project manager, and designer at both AAA and other notable independent studios. For over a decade he has also worked as an instructor at Vancouver Film School. He is dedicated to and passionate about both teaching and inspiring students by emphasizing the importance of leadership, process, and effective communication which in turn, builds self-confidence. At Ethos Lab, he feels his expertise and enthusiastic teaching style make him a valuable addition to the youth he is able to impact. He loves having the change to connect with youth through the incredible world of gaming.