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Choose Between: July 17 to 21 & July 24 to 28

Times: 10 am – 3 pm

Audience: Grades 7-12

Location: Centre for Digital Media. 685 Great Northern Way, Vancouver.

Theme: Learn to use immersive digital technologies to collaborate on a solving a community-based problem! In partnership with Centre for Digital Media.

Registration: Free. By Application Only.

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Learn Artificial Intelligence, 3D Scanning & Printing and other Immersive Technologies. Teen Summer Camp For Grades 7 to 12.

Program Partner & Camp Location:  Centre for Digital Media 

In this week-long camp, youth participants grades 7 to 12 will learn about Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, scanning and sculpting and the basics of Unity (game development) Engine. With this knowledge, they will work in groups to build a project that addresses the challenge of finding a solution that mitigates the effects of rising water levels in Vancouver’s coastal communities using Unity and AI.

We strongly encourage individuals who identify as BIPOC and girls to apply and precedence will be given to those who may not readily have access to this type of technology. When you write your application – we invite you to stand out and let us know “Why” you would like to do this camp. Feel free to get creative. We look forward to your reviewing your applications!

What is XR Media & Immersive Technology?

eXtended Reality (‘XR’) is an umbrella term to refer to a family of technologies also known as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). These immersive technologies are transforming the way we work, socialize, play, and learn.

According to Unity’s Blog AR jobs are projected to grow 172% and VR jobs are projected to grow 170% globally in the next 10 years. Despite recognizing the need to develop the next generation of creators and workforce, many schools especially those serving underrepresented and low-income communities, still experience barriers to accessing XR, with cost and readiness being the primary factors.

The need for XR accessibility, availability, and opportunities for Black youth and young girls has never been more important.